Sunday, 7 October 2007

Saturday Night Limbus: Central Apollyon!

After some extra Apollyon runs by some eager Limbus beavers, we managed to get another set of Central Apollyon chips. Time to have another go at Proto-Omega.

Today we are joined by: Lenor (NIN/DRK), Lunakitty (BLM), Jojax (RDM), Gruive (BLU), Marzanna (BRD), Igneusnex (DRG), Vashanti (WHM), Drargen (RDM), Kamos (BLM), Haplo (NIN), Stinkypuppy (WHM), Kariko (DRK), Tamahiyo (RDM), Arroh (afk PLD) , Bigawkward (MNK) and newcomer Tsukai (BLU).

Fifteen people. Our runs sure are getting more popular these days.
The NIN/DRK main tank tonight was Haplo. I was "supervising" (Gunpod duty). Proved to be a bit harder as NIN/DRK though. Igneusnex unfortunately got eaten by a Gunpod before I managed to get its attention. There weren't too many Gunpods to look out for though, we were going for the win.

Overall the fight went very smoothly. It was a clear and decisive victory. We'll probably try to farm him for Gunpods next time.

Omega was kind of stingy that night though. Homam Manopolas for Kamos and Arroh. Gunpod dropped White Rivet which went to Kamos. Everyone else got 1 Ancient Beastcoin each.
Congratulations everyone!! \(^ ^)/

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