Sunday, 27 May 2007

Diabolos Prime gets schooled by SR!

Having given up my position for Mr. Shiny Brick (Minocia), I wasn't here for this fight, but from the sounds it Team SR had no problems putting Diabolos to sleep tonight.

Party Setup: Minocia (PLD), Marzanna (WHM), Spierz (BLM), Gruive (BLU), Jojax (MNK), Solonuke (RDM/DRK).

Eye-witness report by Marzanna:
Diabolos Pwnt! He was dead before chainspell could even wear off, before spier even got too nuke or i got too bene.. and im pretty damn sure mino didnt 2hr either..

I only got 3 Cure V off, 2 on jo and 1 on mino..Oh, i got too bene... afterwards, which was good coz i think we all would have died otherwise, fun fight tho ;D

Apparently Gruive phails.

Congratulations guys! \(^ ^)/

Lookit that muscly butt! Limbus 26th May 2007

With Mr. Grunts (Kamos) busy digging holes for himself and Lenor all at sea without a train (so she was waaaay late), it's fallen on me to provide commentory on this weeks misadventures in limbo-land.

Turn-out was even worse than usual:
Marzanna NIN, Solonuke DRK, Dutrance THF, Ronin BST (yes BST in limbus!), Gruive BLU, Jojax RDM and I was BLM.

Being the plucky (or foolhardy) group that we are, we decided that we had a perfect setup for Apollyon NW.

Yes Apollyon NW with mini-Fafnir and mini-King Behemoth.

The first floor went pretty well... except when Marzanna got eaten for 800+ damage by one of the pillows. We managed to dispose of Pluto as well (who the heck comes with names for these mobs).

This a cute Pluto. The Pluto we found in NW Apollyon does not look anything like this.

The second floor consisted of rams which were relativlely straightforward, but we decided to avoid the NM and skipped to the third floor. Conscious of time, we merely aimed to get to the time chests on each floor and cleared only the mobs that were guarding the time and restore chests.

Progress was good and steady up to this point. Then problems arose on the fourth floor. In our eagerness to get up to the final floor as quickly as possible, we somehow managed to wave a red flag in front of mini-fafnir in our attempt to get the last time chest.

Knowing we were undermanned for playing with this big 'ol dragon we beat feet and ran for the portal.

We all made it except for Marzanna, who ate terror 10" from the portal and promptly got squished, with no RR up either as the wyrms had dispelled it previously.

That left six of us BLU, BST, THF, DRK, RDM, BLM to clear the last floor of its 3 Behemoths and 1 King Behemoth. Notice the high quality of tanks we have left here...

The behemoths we managed to take out by manaburning with gravity with the melee running and whacking, but it did take time. Then came Kaiser Behemoth.

I suck at taking screenies, but the first comment Dutrance said was...

"Look at that muscly ass! He must work out or something!"

I suck at taking screenies. You can vaguely see a muscly butted King Behemoth waaaay up the back there.

Edit: Dutrance kindly supplied us with a better view. Depending on your personal inclinations this picture may not be work safe...

We sort of knew the tactics... the person with hate runs around the big hole in the centre while the others nuke and melee him, especially while he stands still for meteor. We started out ok, but then we had a few confused moments.

4/6 members of the party promptly ate meteor and fell over, leaving Ronin to kite him with his pink BST charmy hearts. Fortunately a few of us still had RR up, recovered, and we spent the rest of the time wearing him down, but time ran out and he still had half HP left when we got kicked out.

Drops for the night: Benedict Yarn, 40 beastcoins - not bad considering we were more scouting than going for the win.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

A Perfect Night to be at Sea! Apollyon NE, The Ashu Talif

The SR Limbus Brigade was back to its regular level of attendance this week. But that didn't stop us from walking all over Apollyon NE!
Attendance: Gruive (BLU), Davina (RDM), Lunakitty (BLM), Lenor (NIN), Marzanna (WHM), Ronin (BRD), Jojax (MNK), Dutrance (THF).

We've attempted this area before for farming purposes and got as far as the top floor before being eaten by a herd of cows. With only two wins away from a date with Proto-Omega, we decided to take a chance and try for the win by targetting only Portal Trigger NMs.
Wary of how much time we spent on each floor, our main objective was to only open the portals and farm at the last floor. We skipped the Item Chest NMs on the first and third floor but got lucky with the drop on the second floor. In the end, we had enough time to play with the Item Chest NM on the fourth floor and slaughter every single cow (Dhamel) on the last floor for more Ancient Beastcoins.

Loot Report: Despite going on for the win, we managed to net 50 Ancient Beastcoins! Everyone who attended got 6 coins each, leaving 2 for the pot for a total of 7 for next week's run. DRK AF+1 item was tossed. Congratulations to Davina for SMN AF+1 item and Marzanna for getting THF AF+1 item (LAWLZ!).
Casualty Report:Lenor (1) - one shotted by Mr. Ugly up there.

But wait, there's more!

We finally managed to pass Scouting the Ashu Talif quest. We got really pressed for time towards the end, but we made it! Bring on Ashu Talif #2! Q(''Q)

Casualty Report Ashu Talif: Lunakitty (1) - apparently crew members don't like being Thundaga III -ed

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Zomgz wru Kamo!?!

Sorry all, i've been really busy in RL land.

My posting have been behind, and I havent gotten around to working on the CoP series yet because of it.

Hopefully my work will let up and give me less hours but until then my time is limited ; ;

Wish you all the best


Saturday, 12 May 2007

Saturday Limbus Report, Apollyon SW

SR LS was in full force for Limbus this week. Which was pretty rare indeed o_o

Unfortunately, it seemed that a lot of groups wanted to do Limbus as well so after jumping from Apollyon NE to Apollyon NW, we finally decided on Apollyon SW because some JP group decided to jump ahead of us.
Attendants: Marzanna (NIN), Gruive(BLU), Barefoot(NIN), Lunakitty (BLM), Drargen (RDM), Igneusnex (DRG), Dutrance (THF), Lenor (NIN), Solonuke (DRK), Davina (RDM), Vashanti (WHM), Ronin (BRD), Jojax (MNK).

We wanted to go for the win and because you could only one chest on certain floors, we didn't get much in the way of ancient beastcoins and AF+1 loot.

Actually, the most annoying thing about these Jidra is that they dispelga your Reraise status along with other buffs. They didn't give us too much trouble.

To ensure victory, we opted to pick up Time Chests on the first two floors. We farmed Mimics on the third floor until we got the Item Chest and a Time Chest. Then with the remaining time, we killed the elementals required for the Item Chest on the last floor and farmed the rest for ancient beastcoins until our time in the area was about to run out.
Loot Report: 3 ancient beastcoins for everyone, 5 remaining in the pot for the next run. Congratulations on Jojax for getting the RDM AF+1 item. Enjoy your sexy hat +1.

Deathga Report:
Happened on a Ghost Ship in the high seas -_-;
Scouting the Ashu Talif @ 0/2. Better luck next week... ;~;

Friday, 11 May 2007

Doing the Jungle Boogymen

We poor! So it was time to lynch Tonberries for various Torques and Elemental Ores! Q(''Q)

We've done "Jungle Boogymen" before and it was pretty darn profitable for mass BCNM events. It's a pretty straight forward too. All you need is a Sleeper (read: BLM), some healers and damage dealers to take out the mobs one by one. The only hassle is getting everyone through the Wooden Gate leading to the Sacrificial Chamber - especially with less than 4 lanterns.

Special thanks to Gruive of helping to open the gate to the Sacrificial Chamber.
Attendants: Jojax (MNK), Kysuke (NIN) , Lenor (NIN), Ermione (NIN), Spierz (BLM), Littleawkward (WHM), Marzanna (BRD), Drargen (RDM).

The N00b of the Day award goes to Jojax for forgetting that this BCNM is capped at lv 60.

Congratulations~ \(^ ^)/

She still did pretty well in grabbing hate despite being half-naked. NINpride -1...
The team went 7/8 rounds of the BC. Condolences to Kysuke for wiping on his orb >_<;; Carbuncle Astral Flow is a real killer. We're splitting and sharing all the profits anyway so you still get something ^^; We managed to bag Enfeebling Torques x2 and Wind Torques x2 plus a couple of Earth Ores, so sizeable pay-packet for everyone ^^

Deathga Report:

Rnd #2 - Lenor(1), Jojax(2 - failed RR attempt), Littleawkward(2 - failed RR attempt), Marzanna(1), Kysuke(1) - full party wipe to Astral Flow Carbuncle XD;
Rnd #5 - Ermione
Rnd #6 - Ermione (Mijin Gakure @ low health stings)
Rnd #8 - Lenor - Astral Flow Carbuncle -_-;

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Saturday Limbus Report: Apollyon SE

Well, another weekend, another Limbus round. Luna is finally back (somewhat) after running away for holidays! Yay!

Unfortunately, a lot of people were not available because of RL or other LS commitments, so with the group of 9 people we managed to gather together, we farmed for beastcoins in Apolloyn SE..

Member Roll: Lenor (NIN), Marzanna (WHM), Solonuke (DRK), Jojax (MNK), Haplo (RNG), Vashanti (RDM), Ronin (THF), Lunakitty (BLM), Zaeon (DRK).

The CoP-baby Zaeon wanted to come along for the ride to see what all the fuss was about, so we dragged him along for the ride. You should be so lucky, other LSes wouldn't have gone to all the trouble! :0
As usual, the third floor took up most of the time but thanks to our strong melee backbone, we were able to decimate all the weapons on the last floor before time was up. And as usual, we got the AF drops that nobody wanted :p

Loot Report: 45 Ancient Beastcoins - 5 per person. Zaeon declined the coins, so the remaining 5 will be pooled for next week's session. AF +1 Materials - SMN (toss), PLD (toss), DRK (went to Solonuke - Congratuations!), WHM x2 (toss - lol).

Congratulations is also in order for Vash for getting the Loquacious Earring from last week, Jojax for getting a Brutual

Death Report: Solonuke and Zaeon - Fluid Spread is a beetch...

If you want to talk Deathga, let's talk Scouting the Ashu Talif!

After passing a couple more people through The Black Coffin missions, we thought it was time to try making this into a regular event, so we decided to try tacking it onto the end of the Limbus sessions.
Everything was going well until we got overwhelmed while fighting in the middle of the boat. I forgot how crazy the mobs got -_-

Sorry guys, better luck next time ; ;

Thursday, 3 May 2007

There's no Christmas in Shadow Ravenloft

From now on, the following KSNM is banned from this LS for a {Long time}...

Fortunately, we still managed to get SOME gil by switching to the Double Dragonian KSNM. The drops weren't really appropriate for mass selling and splitting, but it was better than nothing ^^;