Saturday, 30 June 2007

Saturday Night Limbus, Temenos North

With most of the linkshell crying for some Temenos action, we decided to give Temenos farming a try tonight. Temenos West was taken so it was Temenos North.

You may recall our last trip to Temenos North. It was a mess.

This time, we have Luna back as resident BLM and 11 minions, including two new faces: Xenonsmurf and Kryogenik. Minocia's {master} allowed him to play for the night too. There's hope yet!

Roll Call: Lunakitty (BLM), Haplo (NIN), Dutrance (THF), Kariko (DRK), Xenonsmurf (RDM), Kryogenik (WHM), Lenor (NIN), Gruive (BLU), Minocia (PLD), Vashanti (RDM), Marzanna (WHM).
Pretty straight forward run tonight. Hardly any casualities to speak of. Or maybe this post just seems boring because I'm writing it a month later.
Thanks to Luna's sleepga, we came out with a win. Everyone went home with some beastcoins and Alvar was probably crying in his sleep because THF AF+1 items x2 dropped that night.

2/3 Central Temenos chips for Shadow Ravenloft.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Saturday Night Limbus, Apollyon SE

The majority of the LS wanted to farm by killing tonight, so we decided rampage through Apollyon SE.
Tonight we welcome Kariko into the LS. Kariko jumped all the way from Fenrir just to join us - cool huh? :3

Welcome to the LS Kariko. I hope we make your stay here worthwhile ^^

So that brings tonight's line up to: Lenor (NIN), Lunakitty (BLM), Kariko (DRK), Vashanti (RDM), Jojax (MNK), Marzanna (BRD), Solonuke (RDM), Gruive (BLU), Ignuesnex (DRG), Alvar (THF).
Usually do our best to avoid obstacles on the way to killing the Black Card NM and the Swirling Vortex. But tonight, the Black Card NM was no where to be found and this guy was in the way. Bored linkshells like to touch things, so why not. Besides, the UFO tried to abduct Vash.

Things were going great until the UFO decided to charm all of the meatheads whacking away at its underbelly. And we all know how many meatheads there are in ShadowRavenloft LS...
And so, the meatheads turned on the squishies. The details are hazy for me, but I'm pretty sure Marzanna was killed in the massacre. Luna died trying to save everyone with her BLM sleep skillz. Alvar ran off with the UFO after that while everyone tried to recover from the carnage. I decided to continue looking for the damn Black Card NM.

That's pretty much all the excitement to report. The Black Card NM was found and it was business as usual after that. Fantastic drops tonight with two RDM pieces dropping at the first floor.

Deathga Report: People actually died today! Woo! Marzanna, Lunakitty, Vashanti during the UFO massacre. Gruive, Igneusnex, Lenor on the first floor (Fluid Spread + no shadows is teh suck).

Loot Report: 48 coins at the end of the run in total + 4 from previous runs = 5 ancient beastcoins each. RDM AF+1 x2 dropped on the first floor and went to Jojax and Vashanti. PLD and BST AF+1 items dropped on the second floor. Kariko auto-received the BST piece. I decided to hold onto the PLD piece (inv -1 - alright!). SMN AF+1 item on the third floor is being hoarded by Gruive. WHM AF+1 went to Lunakitty for a smashing lot of 95, which reflects her regard for the job in general and Alvar took the WAR AF+1 item.

2/4 chips for Omega. Not long now until our second set.

EDIT: Apparently Gruive took the SMN AF+1 item - woot!

Thursday, 21 June 2007


I've been feeling quite bored lately. Bored enough to try to start another CoP static with some of "newer" members of the LS. It would also be nice to have a couple more regulars to our Limbus runs (although at the moment we'd probably only get one new regular XD)


Getting back to it, I decided to hold a Promyvion-Dem/ENM run for two LS members who haven't started the CoP missions.

Chains of Promathia. In the past it was feared as the hardest expansion to complete. Many of Vana'diel's children have yet to see the fields of Lufaise Meadows because of how much trouble it was to put together a random, well-prepared, well-stocked group of six people.

Now, radical changes in the June 2007 updates has toned down the missions in terms of time and the effort it takes to do them - BIG TIME!

Anyway, here's the group that did the climb tonight.
Setup: Lenor (DRK/WAR, WAR/NIN), Jojax (WAR/NIN, MNK/WAR), Eja (WAR/NIN), Skeith (BLU/NIN), Solonuke (RDM/WHM), Zaeon (WHM/BLM).

Now, let's play a game of: What's missing from this picture?
zOMG! Altana ate the hordes of empty mobs! \(T^T)/

She made them level down too. The Promyvion-boss look a like on the first floor now check as Decent Challenge instead of Tough. We aggroed a Gorger on the third floor and Zaeon didn't even break a sweat. White mages with MP make me /emo...

Even the MRs didn't pack as huge a punch as they did before the update.

With these changes, it was no trouble getting to the fourth floor - the infamous gauntlet stage. In the past, much adrenaline was pumped on the fourth floor of Promyvions. Once it starts, there's no turning back. It was "run-for-your-lives" or risk being eaten by mobs and having your carcass dragged through half the map by the resident BLMs.

Welp, after the update, this is what remains of the once mighty Promyvion gauntlet:
/cue tumbleweeds...

So we all reach the Spire of Dem in one piece, and after going through the basics for the CoP nubcakes, we do the ENM first and then the mission boss. I ended up dying in the ENM. What can I say? Jelly Emo-Knights and Provoke just doesn't mix. But that's ok because Zaeon was able to give me a raise.

And after pumping the Promyvion-Dem mission boss full of Psychoanima and Hysteroanima, he didn't put up much of a fight either.
Total finish time: 1Hour.

We finished the whole thing at 10:53pm AEST. So thanks to the convenience of Auction House-vended anima, we decided to do Promyvion-Holla + ENM as well. Back to Jeuno it was for a re-stock and slight job changes. Then it was off to the Crag of Holla for some Promyvion-Holla action.
Thanks to the trees and narrow sections in Promyvion-Holla, there were some tricky areas to get past and some monsters we had to kill along the way. But the gauntlet is still very much nerfed. We aggroed a Thinker-mob and I got lost along the way. In the past we would have been punished for such mistakes. These days you'd be lucky to have two or three angry empty monsters after you on the way to the Spire. You'd have to run around gathering them on purpose.
We manage to get to the Spire of Holla all in one piece. The ENM went off without a hitch. Even better was that the Vision item for the Evasion Earring dropped! About 500,000G to split between six people that night - woo hoo!
As for the actual mission boss. He was a bit harder to bring down than the Promyvion-Dem boss. Especially after he managed to land Slow towards the end of the battle. He still got schooled though, and everyone walked home in one piece with 9000 experience points in total (3000 for ENM, 1,500 for the mission) and a 500,000G earring.

It was a pretty productive night ^^

In closing, as a CoP veteran, I can't help but feel a bit disappointed with the new changes. I can see the perks in AH-vendable anima and XP rewards at the completion of the mission. Those additions were rather nice for the most part. But I kinda miss the rush you get when dancing around herds of empty monsters and trying to get through the fourth-level gauntlet in one piece.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

My Broken Static Party

1. Lenor - PLD/WAR
2. Lunakitty - WHM/BLM
3. Jojax - BRD/RDM
4. Minocia - BLM/WHM
5. Asheroth - RNG/WAR
6. Eja - WAR/NIN

Standard cookie cutter party, yes? I don't know about you but this LS static party is pretty broken.

Let's take a look at just how broken this party is...

#1 The PLD evades, tanks in DD gear and eats sushi
Check out the sexy damage on that Vorpal Blade. The fact that NIN is my first job means capped evasion all the way to lv 75 not to mention 4 Evasion Merit points. As a result, the WHM has too much MP when we're taking on VT mobs, so unless it's IT+ mobs it's DD gear + sushi all the way.

#2 Possibly gimpiest, laziest WHM in all of Vana'diel
Managed to reach lv 62 without Reraise II or Cure V or her Healer's Mitts. Sits on her butt most of the time and only gets up to cast Regen and Haste.

#3 The most anemic, suicidal RNG/WAR around
I mean, most RNGs go nuts with the DMG and the hate, but this guy will throw weaponskills at the beginning of the fight. He's restricted to WAR sub only, which is the reason for his anemia.

#4 A BLM who can't Stun
We decided to party in Gustav Tunnel one night so that Minocia can practise his Sleep and Stun skills. He was missing all night until of course, I used my inflated NINpride to make a bet with Asheroth that Minocia would not be able to land Stun on a Goblin's Bomb Toss for the remainder of the static session that night. Free ice cream was up for grabs.

I had just told Asheroth my favourite flavour of ice cream when, he actually landed one.
Typical. Ice cream milkshake for Ash that weekend.

#5 BRD - makes any party broken

I think Eja's the only normal one... o_o

Saturday Night Limbus, Apollyon NE

Around we go again...

Because of your dismal turnout at the moment (people are still busy with exams and stuff) and our inexperience with Proto-Omega (non-existant), we've decided to post-pone the epic battle for the moment and concentrate on getting a spare set of Apollyon chips.

We had a decent turnout for trigger farming tonight, so we decided to farm Apollyon NE. I love this area - even when you target just triggers you get a decent amount of coins for a small group.
Roll Call: Lenor (NIN), Lunakitty (BLM), Alvar (THF), Marzanna (BRD), Solonuke (RDM), Jojax (MNK), Igneusnex (DRG), Gruive (BLU) and this week we welcome Stinkypuppy (WHM) and we welcome back our beloved LS play-boy and MT-King Vashanti (RDM).

Overall it was a really smooth run. We even finished waay before midnight (AEST) for once! The only death to be reported was by Vashanti - he had a little accident with the Mandies on the first floor.

Loot Report: We managed to get all items chests on all floors!
* Ancient Beastcoins total: 64 (plus 5 from previous runs) ! 6 coins for each person.
* AF+1 loot: SAM (went to Jojax - probably got tossed), DRG (went to Marzanna - safe to say it was tossed), DRK (Igneusnex), NIN (was supposed to go to Alvar but I think he d/ced)
* Random Clot Plasma drop went to Gruive.

Best shot of the night:

Good work everyone! \(^ ^)/

Also worth mentioning: Congratulations to Lunakitty for becoming a little less gimped and finally getting Reraise II and her Healer's Mitts.
Maybe Marzanna will cry a little less in her sleep...

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Sunday Night Limbus, Apollyon NW

Tonight was round #3 for Apollyon NW. Due to extraordinary circumstances, we held this week's Limbus run was held on a Sunday night.
Attendants: Solonuke (RDM), Jojax (MNK), Keyne (BLM), Ronin (BRD), Balak (RDM), Lunakitty (BLM), Lenor (NIN), Marzanna (WHM), Gruive (BLU), Alvar (THF), Drargen-bot (RDM).

Out of all the Apollyon areas, NW must be my least favourite. Mostly because it's so mage bias and really hurts our meathead oriented linkshell. Fortunately we managed to get some help from Keyne and his friend Balak tonight. All the mobs in this area are really ugly too.
As usual, most of the mobs on the floor were skipped unless they were in the way or we had to kill them to open the portal.

No mishaps on the way to the top but Kaiser Behemoth was being stubborn as usual.
Round and round we go. The best way to take down KB is to run loops around the middle of the room. Of course the BLMs were there to pull hate on purpose, making my life somewhat difficult.
Deaths all around as usual thanks to Meteor but through some amazing miracle, everyone else except Lunakitty died. Isn't that something. The going was still tough, but with two BLMs in the group, we were able to nab the win for a complete set of Proto-Omega chips!

Too bad it will probably be a while before we go up against him. At lot of people are on hiatus because of exams/real life commitments ^^;

Oh well, some day...

Loot Report: Not much of anything since we were after the win. Everyone had 3 ancient beastcoins each. 5 were put into the pot for next week.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Saturday Night Limbus, Apollyon NW Round #2

I managed to get home in time this time for round #2 of Apollyon NW. Attendance was about as fantastic as last week...
Attendance: Igneusnex (DRG), Lenor (NIN), Gruive (BLU), Jojax (RDM), Marzanna (NIN), Lunakitty (BLM), Ronin (BRD).

It was the second time the group attempted this Limbus area, and the first time I tried it myself (I couldn't get home in time the previous week).
Like last week, most of the action happened on the top floor with the Behemoths, or as Luna likes to call them, "Mr. Musclybutt". We skipped what we could from the first three floors and made our way to the last floor.
Unfortunately, we were still underpowered and inexperienced to take on KB. Meteor really is a pain in the ass.

Loot Report: We ran out of time. Everyone got 4 ancient beastcoins as a consolation prize.