Friday, 21 September 2007

SR Takes to the Skies: Genbu

Friday night.

I thought I'd be "good" and go out for drinks with some co-workers for a change. Who knew when I came home I'd be dragged by the Linkshell all the way up to Sky to have a smackdown with Genbu, the God of the East.

Sky. Otherwise known as Tu'lia, the area is privy to all sorts of end game linkshell dramas: from problems with RMT (Real Money Traders) to corrupt Linkshells. The competition is fierce and the drops are on average, horrid.

In general, we've been avoiding dabbling in Sky to prevent such dramas. But recently, Jojax and Gruive had been working hard on gathering triggers for certain Gods. Wouldn't want to put their efforts to waste.
Here's the strike team: Vashanti (RDM), Bigawkward (MNK), Lunakitty (BLM), Gruive (BLU), Lenor (NIN/DRK), Jojax (RDM), Kamos (BLM), Igneusnex (DRG), Kariko (DRK).

The plan was to stright tank, but before the fight, Jojax went over the emergency kite path in the event of a wipe.
Thanks to well co-ordinated skillchains and stuns, the fight went prety smoothly. We didn't need to kite until the middle of the fight when Genbu got in a one-shotter as I was trying to get my shadows back up. It was all over in about 15 minutes.

And our reward:
Genbu's Kabuto went to Bigawkward. Wyrmal Abjuration for Crimson Greaves went to Kariko. Seal of Genbu went to Gruive and the Venomous Claw went to Jojax for future end-game scheming...
But an SR report wouldn't be an SR report without a Deathga Summary!

Deathga Report:
Igneusnex was the first one to go down as Genbu stomped when he took hate after a skillchain. Lenor one-shotted with her shadows down. He was also angry at Lunakitty and Kamos for obvious BLM reasons.

Congratualtions everyone!! \(^ ^)/

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