Sunday, 29 April 2007

Saturday Limbus Report, Temenos West

Once again we delve deep into the depths of the Al'Taieu sea to liberate Ancient Beastcoins and AF+1 materials from random unsuspecting mobs. With no BLM this week and 10 participants, we decided to try farming Temenos West.

Attendees: Lenor (NIN), Marzanna (NIN), Vashanti (RDM), Ronin (BRD), Jojax (MNK), Gruive (SAM), Solonuke (DRK), Alvar (THF), Igneusnex (DRG), Drargen (RDM).

No that wasn't a typo. Drargen came as a red squishy.

The going was a bit slow in certain places and we had some moments of desperation when time was running out and the mobs were stingy with the Time chests, but we managed to pull through with a win! We even managed not to wipe on the last floor without sleepga to make things easier. Who needs BLMs when you have obstinate SRMeatheads?

Go SRMeatheads, go! Q(''Q)
Loot Report: 56 ancient beastcoins including 5 from previous runs means 6 coins per participant. Congratulations to Ronin for getting one of three BRD AF+1 drops (/swt) Congratulations to Gruive for grabbing the SMN AF+1 drop.

Casualty Report: What? Only 2 casualties? Where's the SR spirit in that?! Better deathga performance next week puriizu kthxbai.

Anyway, Marzanna copped death by relentless Enhanced Onion (Mandagora) attack.

Drargen came as RDM so Marzanna could come as NIN - what a hero. Of course being backline support didn't stop him from dying. Drargen got murdered by Enhanced Blobs (Slime) that woke up from Sleep on the wrong side of the bed. Congratulations Drargen! You still hold the LS "Death Magnet" title.

Fantastic team work everyone - especially on the last floor. Good job on the win! ^^

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Saturday Limbus Report, Temenos North

We've been doing Apollyon SE for the past two weeks or so. For a change of pace, we decided to give Temenos North a try. It's the first time any of us has stepped in there - including Gruive's "special guest", Haplo.

Attendance Roll: Marzanna (WHM), Drargen (DRG), Alvar (THF), Ronin (BRD), Haplo (NIN), Vashanti (RDM), Lenor (NIN), Gruive (BLU), Solonuke (DRK), Igneusnex (DRG).

Temenos North consists of 7 floors, guarded by different races of beastmen. Each of the beastment can perform 2 hours corresponding to their job type. The most annoying thing would have to be the fact that you can only open one box out of the three available for each floor.

The first floor contained Moblin mobs - RDM x4, WAR x2. We decided to wipe the floor with all of them.

The second floor contained 4 Giant mobs - MNK, BST, RNG, WAR. We weren't up for chunky giants , especially when one of them can charm your party members, so we took down the portal mob and moved on.

The third floor contained Sahagin mobs - MNK x2, DRG, WHM, DRG. We were running out of time, and fast so we popped the time box on this floor.

The fourth floor was when things got really hairy. The mobs we were up against Demon mobs - BLMx4, SMN, DRK, WAR. Considering the fact that The majority of the party were "meatheads", I wanted to avoid mobs with potential AoE 2 hours like Manafont and Astral Flow. But the demons were surprisingly squishy, so we attemped to clear the floor.

Obligatory Drargen death:

Of course my fears were realised....
Pwned by Astral flow. This would become the main theme for the rest of the night.

We were running out of time fast. With only 5 minutes to spare we decided to fight the remaining SMN mob while weakened and managed to open the time box with 1 minute to spare.

Fifth floor was a piece of cake: 4 Antican mobs - RNG, PLD, BLM, WAR. Not much of a threat at all. We wiped the floor and took the time box.

The sixth floor was probably the most "fun" out of all the floors. Tonberry mob x8 - SMN and THF x3 coming down in pairs, BLM and NIN trigger mobs. All our favourite mobs on one floor.

We were doing OK until someone walked into the last THF and SMN tonberry pair. We had no choice by to take down the NIN trigger mob to get another time box. Of course we were totally expecting everyone to die to Mijin Gakure, so my group hid until the little creepy blew up (along with everyone else).

No time to fight the last two tonberries so we sneaked past them and proceeded to the last floor where 5 Goblin mobs were waiting for us. DRK, RDM x2, BLM x2.
No sleepga = deathga.

No win, but good first-time effort for all. Good job everyone ^^

Casualty report: Everyone, multiple times.

Loot report: 3 ancient beastcoins for all except Lenor who decided to forfiet her share for the Plaited Cord. 5 ancient beastcoins for the pot next week.

Monday, 16 April 2007

"Seasons Greetings," Take 1.

Today we tried to take on one of the hardest 30 KSNM's around - Seasons Greetings!

A terrible show-down with four NM Treants - Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Unfortunately Kamos had a newb moment and forgot that you didnt need to mass sleep the treants - they aggro based on the seasons two hour. Only manaburns sleep the treants en-mass after -ga magic :(.

We had one failed attempt, Thanks to Marzy for volunteering her Orb. Now that Drargen helped clear things up on the battle plan, we will attempt the fight again shortly. Thanks again to Lenor, Vash, Marzy, Soro, Joboh, Littleawkward for comming out - I promise next time we'll get the win on it!

Kamos' revenge pose. Now its on like Donkey Kong, baaattcchhh!!!1111oneoneone

We will return...

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Saturday Limbus Report - Apollyon SE

Due to technical difficulties, Mr. /GRUNTS can't be here today, so I'm giving the report X)

Nine people attended today but 2/9 of them are RDMs (optional BLM) and everyone else wanted to be "meat head" jobs so we decided to do Apollyon SE again.
Apollyon SE - starring:
Keyne (RDM), Marzanna (NIN), Solonuke (DRK), Jojax (MNK), Gruive (SAM),
Vashanti (RDM) Drargen (DRG), Igneusnex (DRG), Lenor (THF)

I got to be THF again - Yay! Luckily I bought that Thief's Knife last night X)

All-in-all, the run went quite smoothly. Poor Marzanna though, none of the meat heads were "playing nice".

Loot Report:
- AF+1 materials went to Jojax (BRD) and Gruive (SAM) - congratulations!! \(^ ^)/
- AF+1 materials lost because no one wanted it - PLD (Floor 2), BRD (Floor 3), BLM (Floor 4)
- Total number of Ancient Beastcoins: 48 - with 5 going to each attendant and 3 going into the LS pot for next week's run.
- Smalt Chip went to Keyne for use somewhere else since we already have one collecting dust in my Mog Locker.

Casualty Report:
- Drargen x2 - no regard for his own well being whatsoever! ^^
- Keyne - Horror Cloud + Darksday = red HP all around

Thanks for coming everyone! Please keep supporting our cause XD;

Thursday, 12 April 2007

An Introduction, Part II

{Hello!} FFXI fans, SR LS second banana here! o(^ ^)o

I've always wanted to chronicle the adventures (and sometimes mis-adventures) of the LS for a while now except I'm lazy and I like to procrastinate. So having a co-writer is a good thing for motivation!

Despite only starting this blog project now, ShadowRavenloft is quite and old Linkshell. Dating back to December 2004, the linkshell was established to house the homeless Shin Ravenloft players who migrated from International Ragnarok Online. Over the years we've picked up a lot of new faces and have gone on countless adventures together ranging from Nation, Zilart, Promathia missions to BCNMs and ordinary everyday quests such as Artifact I quests.

As such, I'll be concentrating on writing up the backlog of undocumented history as well as any important current events that come along.

Unfortunately, with timezones and real life commitments we can't be everywhere at once. So if any of you SR minions would like to submit linkshell related adventures or events please send content and screenshots to:

shadowravenloft at gmail dot com

~ Lenor, Ninjutsu Justice!

An Introduction, Part I

Welcome to Ravenloft Memoirs, the immortal memory of our FFXI Linkshell, Shadow Ravenloft. This blog is created with the intent to provide a recorded legacy, one which we can look back on when our time in FFXI ends to remember our best accomplishments, and even our most destructive failures.

Im really excited to launch this project, as I've been playing with this idea for a long time now. I think this will give Shadow Ravenloft a new image that PHP forums just can't provide. Though the forums will remain the main resource for organization and co-operation, this will show case the fruits of our long hours spent questing, exping and working together. Ding parties, missions, BCNMs, KSNMs, and every other important event or milestone on the linkshell will be chronicled on these pages.

The main two contributors who compose the SRaven Watch are Kamos (myself) and Lenor (Second LS banana). I will make my best effort to attend as many events as I can. Meaning if you want coverage of your event (if we can't make it)... send us information, screen shots or logs insure that your moment in time has the chance to be exalted on the public record. I'll be concentrating on the recent and/or future adventures and mishaps.

Please, read it well ^^

- Kamos, Mr.GRUNTS

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Swift and Spiffed.

[Gather together.] SR! Its time for a little digression into the Sacrarium to wake the dead...

Swift Belt Runs!!1111oneone

For those who are unaware of what a Swift Belt is, its a very nifty item for haste+ loving jobs

How do you spell sexy? S-w-i-f-t

Of course, like anything in FFXI, you need to do something terrible you'd rather not do....


Whats that Jimmy? No, you don't have to level Dark Knight! Just collect a force spawn item that has a horribly low drop rate and use it to spawn/kill a Formor NM with an equally horrible drop rate for the belt :3

So the fun begins!

The attendees
Lenor (Congrats on your Belt!)
Gruive (Gave up his belt to Lenor, what a HERO!)
Ronin (Congrats on your Belt!)
Iggy (Sorry we didn't get to your run, Iggy!)

2x Swift Belt! 2/4, not bad at all considering some people go 1/10!