Sunday, 6 April 2008

Dragon Slayers

So... again another one of haplo's "crazy" ideas...

Noticing we had quite a few Cloud Evokers being held by LS members (Cloud Evokers are a very rare drop from quite a few ENMs, and are needed too gain access into the Ouryu Cometh BC) we decided too go up against some big bad dragons, for fun, glory, and the chance too get roasted again in "The Wyrmking Descends".

Before we could do this tho, we had too get a few members access too the BC, which meant a run of "Storms of Fate". This BC is always fun, as long as you dont all get BBQ'd *lol*

So we gathered together at the Rivene: Marzy (WHM), Snoop (SMN), Kysuke (NIN), Anacin (BLM), Bigawkward (MNK), Gruive (SAM), Snakerekon (BLM), Zaeon (DRK), Kanilla (WHM), Lunakitty (BLM), Minkus (SMN), Ellah (PLD), Arroh (RDM), Lenor (PLD) and special guests Slyshadows (DRK) and Celinakail (BRD)

Took him down without much drama, grats too everybody who needed the win ^_^

And so began the plotting of the downfall of our next target in "Ouryu Cometh" (this BC drops the Monarch Orb which allows access into "The Wyrmking Descends"). The stratery, although sounding complicated was simple enough. A tank party, consisting of 2 BRD's, RDM, WHM, BLU and a NIN/DRK would take care of Ouryu himself, a party of meat-heads were too handle the worm spawns/elementals, while the BLMs concentrated on taking down the big bad beast.. The plan worked suprisingly well, Lenor didnt lose hate once, and we made it with about 5 mins left too spare.

Fast foward a month, and another win later, we decide too put our Monarch Orb too good use, and have a go at taking down Bahamut, for a second time.. this time its dosent prove quite as easy...We enter and start buffing/sleeping for TP.. BRDs make sure all the melees get their *six* songs.. Kamos calls "GO!"

Everybody rushes in too take him down.. however due too some extremely bad luck, he BBQ's over half the melees in the first 20 seconds :(

Not long after he summons all his friends too come hunt us down.. Ouryu, Tiamat, Jourmy, the works.. and well.. result..

Did very well all things considering and wiped at about 15%, next time he wont be so lucky :(

Thanks a bunch haplo for organising the event, Kani, Lenor and Jojax for donating your Cloud Evokers and Kamos for briefing everybody on stratergy.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Hills Are Alive~

With the sound of bone crushing turtle stomping @_@;;

After days upon days of camping the Adamantoise Notorious Monster in the Valley of Sorrows for the final rare/exclusive item required for a Black Belt, Jojax felt sorry for Bigawkward and decided to hold a KSNM99 event for the Adamantoise Egg.

Gathering up as many black squishies and meatheads as possible, we made our way to the Waughroom Shrine, ready to cook up some Turtle Soup.

Tartaruga Gigante has one tough shell to crack. Smack him enough times and he sulks and treats into his shell where we gains {Impossible to gauge} regen and starts spamming high annoying high-tier -ga spells and ancient magic.

Here he is having a big sook after being schooled by the linkshell.

It was the first attempt at this KSNM for the linkshell. So for the first round it was us who got turned into turtle soup. There's nothing like swimming (or drowning) in Waterga IV...

Fortunately we managed to get our strategy down for the second try. With Jojax as the head Chef, we managed to nuke, skillchain and kite our way to three subsequent victories before everyone got too tired to continue.

And in the tradition of worthless Waughroon Shrine KSNM fights (read: Operation Desert Swarm), all we got was crapga.

We did at least me manage to secure an Adamantoise Egg for Biggy. So mission accomplished \(^ ^)/

May we never find you herding Velociraptors in the Valley of Sorrows again.

Props to Jojax for making it happen and co-ordinating everyone very well and thanks to everyone who attended ^^

Monday, 11 February 2008

Uninvited Guests

Haplo had suggested a month or so back, that SR try the quest "Uninvited Guests" as a group. Basically its a similar fight too the mammet fight for CoP 2-5, the catch being the more people you take into the BCNM, the more mobs spawn (1 mammet will spawn per 2 people) up too a total of 9 for the alliance. The prize drop from this fight, Assault Breastplate only drops if you go in as a full alliance, so of course, thats what we went after... for bragging rights mainly ^.~

After Haplo finally rounded up all 18 members: Igneusnex (DRK), Haplo (NIN) Lenor (NIN), Ellah (PLD), Snakerekon (RDM), Slyshadow (DRK), Kanilla (WHM), Exxile (DRG), Daiakuji (SAM), Marzanna (WHM), Anacin (RDM), Lunakitty (BLM), Minkus (SMN), Snoop (SMN), Stinkypuppy (DRK), Gruive (BLU), Tsukai (BLU), Blackeyes (SMN).

We set off for Monarch Linn, it was a pretty eventless trip, apart from the mandatory Snakerekon death (comming seriously close too catching Drargens deathga count).

Haplo explained the basic stratergy, meat heads were too solo/duo a mob, while RDMs and WHMs try too silence, haste and prevent mass deathga.

It was a little chaotic, getting pwnd by another mobs AoE is always painful, but we pulled it off with few deaths. Of course Stinkypuppy died (twice) as predicted..

Mammets were pretty stingy, no Assault Breastplate T-T, but plenty of yellow liquids lol. Then it was back too the NPC too collect our loot.. there was a few miratete's memoirs, a mannequin head went too Slyshadows, an armoire went too Snakerekon, crimson jelly too Exxile, and i think the rest of us got stew or rice.

Big thanks too Haplo for organising the event and making sure it all ran smoothly, we will have another go at that breastplate soon. My BRD could use some more tav salads anyways (Thanks hap^^).

Thursday, 25 October 2007

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight~

Jojax and Gruive have once again been busy little Sky-bees collecting God triggers. Along with their little band of trigger farmers they managed to get the triggers needed to pop Suzaku.
Off to Ru'Aun Gardens we go. Tonight we were joined by Haloneous (BLM). Other attendants were: Lenor (NIN/DRK), Kamos (PLD/NIN), Hiish (NIN/WAR), Lunakitty (BLM), Gruive (BLU/THF), Jojax (RDM/WHM), Courval (RNG/NIN), Igneusnex (DRK/THF), Tsukai (BLU/NIN), Kico-bot (Tamahiyo), and Arroh (RDM/DRK).

Apparently there's quite a huge difference in difficulty between Genbu and Suzaku. With only twelve people, we didn't know what to expect. Some people were expecting the worst. Others were a bit wary about having PLD/NIN and NIN/DRK tanks. We managed to do pretty well for a bunch of Sky nubcakes :3
Hiish popped the birdie and Igneusnex promptly got stomped on. We managed to get the big bad bird stablised until the birdie used its two hour move (Chainspell nuke-ga) and Kamos got stomped on. Luckily we had three tanks.

It took us a while to re-establish hate control. Everything else went smoothly after that.
Unfortunately, Suzaku wasn't in a generous mood and we got almost bugger all in terms of drops.
Neptunal Abjuration: Feet went to Hiish. Suzaku's seal went to Jojax for safe-keeping.

Congratulations everyone and good job!! \(^ ^)/

Monday, 8 October 2007

I wanna be a Roc Star~

Being an ordinary Social Linkshell that happen to have enough veterans to "do stuff", we usually ignore the calls of High-levelled or 24-hour-pop Notorious Monsters or because more often than not, they're a pain in the butt to deal with.

Hours, upon hours of camping against other HNM linkshells who like to trash-talk and use hacks and bots to get the upper hand - {No, Thanks.}

But Snoop happened to have the time of death, and no one was about for ages, so why not?
And so, who ever was free gathered together to take on the big bad birdy. Arroh and I were the first ones to arrive. With Snoop's "mage-bot" (Winney) in tow, we opened the Banishing Gates up to the Sauromugue Champaign and managed to claim Roc without any problems.

Shortly after Kariko, Marzanna and Keyne arrived to assist the group.

We took it down without much drama and were rewarded with Reraise, Vile Elixir, a Crimson Blade and Damascus Ingot!

Incidentally, we got the claim again with some outside help - including a Thief with Treasure Hunter 4 - and nothing of interest dropped.

Which goes to show what a SHAM Treasure Hunter really is....

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Saturday Night Limbus: Central Apollyon!

After some extra Apollyon runs by some eager Limbus beavers, we managed to get another set of Central Apollyon chips. Time to have another go at Proto-Omega.

Today we are joined by: Lenor (NIN/DRK), Lunakitty (BLM), Jojax (RDM), Gruive (BLU), Marzanna (BRD), Igneusnex (DRG), Vashanti (WHM), Drargen (RDM), Kamos (BLM), Haplo (NIN), Stinkypuppy (WHM), Kariko (DRK), Tamahiyo (RDM), Arroh (afk PLD) , Bigawkward (MNK) and newcomer Tsukai (BLU).

Fifteen people. Our runs sure are getting more popular these days.
The NIN/DRK main tank tonight was Haplo. I was "supervising" (Gunpod duty). Proved to be a bit harder as NIN/DRK though. Igneusnex unfortunately got eaten by a Gunpod before I managed to get its attention. There weren't too many Gunpods to look out for though, we were going for the win.

Overall the fight went very smoothly. It was a clear and decisive victory. We'll probably try to farm him for Gunpods next time.

Omega was kind of stingy that night though. Homam Manopolas for Kamos and Arroh. Gunpod dropped White Rivet which went to Kamos. Everyone else got 1 Ancient Beastcoin each.
Congratulations everyone!! \(^ ^)/

Friday, 21 September 2007

SR Takes to the Skies: Genbu

Friday night.

I thought I'd be "good" and go out for drinks with some co-workers for a change. Who knew when I came home I'd be dragged by the Linkshell all the way up to Sky to have a smackdown with Genbu, the God of the East.

Sky. Otherwise known as Tu'lia, the area is privy to all sorts of end game linkshell dramas: from problems with RMT (Real Money Traders) to corrupt Linkshells. The competition is fierce and the drops are on average, horrid.

In general, we've been avoiding dabbling in Sky to prevent such dramas. But recently, Jojax and Gruive had been working hard on gathering triggers for certain Gods. Wouldn't want to put their efforts to waste.
Here's the strike team: Vashanti (RDM), Bigawkward (MNK), Lunakitty (BLM), Gruive (BLU), Lenor (NIN/DRK), Jojax (RDM), Kamos (BLM), Igneusnex (DRG), Kariko (DRK).

The plan was to stright tank, but before the fight, Jojax went over the emergency kite path in the event of a wipe.
Thanks to well co-ordinated skillchains and stuns, the fight went prety smoothly. We didn't need to kite until the middle of the fight when Genbu got in a one-shotter as I was trying to get my shadows back up. It was all over in about 15 minutes.

And our reward:
Genbu's Kabuto went to Bigawkward. Wyrmal Abjuration for Crimson Greaves went to Kariko. Seal of Genbu went to Gruive and the Venomous Claw went to Jojax for future end-game scheming...
But an SR report wouldn't be an SR report without a Deathga Summary!

Deathga Report:
Igneusnex was the first one to go down as Genbu stomped when he took hate after a skillchain. Lenor one-shotted with her shadows down. He was also angry at Lunakitty and Kamos for obvious BLM reasons.

Congratualtions everyone!! \(^ ^)/