Monday, 11 February 2008

Uninvited Guests

Haplo had suggested a month or so back, that SR try the quest "Uninvited Guests" as a group. Basically its a similar fight too the mammet fight for CoP 2-5, the catch being the more people you take into the BCNM, the more mobs spawn (1 mammet will spawn per 2 people) up too a total of 9 for the alliance. The prize drop from this fight, Assault Breastplate only drops if you go in as a full alliance, so of course, thats what we went after... for bragging rights mainly ^.~

After Haplo finally rounded up all 18 members: Igneusnex (DRK), Haplo (NIN) Lenor (NIN), Ellah (PLD), Snakerekon (RDM), Slyshadow (DRK), Kanilla (WHM), Exxile (DRG), Daiakuji (SAM), Marzanna (WHM), Anacin (RDM), Lunakitty (BLM), Minkus (SMN), Snoop (SMN), Stinkypuppy (DRK), Gruive (BLU), Tsukai (BLU), Blackeyes (SMN).

We set off for Monarch Linn, it was a pretty eventless trip, apart from the mandatory Snakerekon death (comming seriously close too catching Drargens deathga count).

Haplo explained the basic stratergy, meat heads were too solo/duo a mob, while RDMs and WHMs try too silence, haste and prevent mass deathga.

It was a little chaotic, getting pwnd by another mobs AoE is always painful, but we pulled it off with few deaths. Of course Stinkypuppy died (twice) as predicted..

Mammets were pretty stingy, no Assault Breastplate T-T, but plenty of yellow liquids lol. Then it was back too the NPC too collect our loot.. there was a few miratete's memoirs, a mannequin head went too Slyshadows, an armoire went too Snakerekon, crimson jelly too Exxile, and i think the rest of us got stew or rice.

Big thanks too Haplo for organising the event and making sure it all ran smoothly, we will have another go at that breastplate soon. My BRD could use some more tav salads anyways (Thanks hap^^).