Monday, 29 November 2004

Our first time at the D00nz

Do you remember the first time you were at the "D00nz"?
My own memory of it is pretty hazy. But fortunately, I have screenshot evidence of the first time an SR group stepped onto the sands of Valkurm Dunes...

And wouldn't you know it? We were power-levelled - *lol*
Here's the group gathered together at La Thiene Plateau: Lenor (THF), Sixe (WAR), Lumialle (RDM - I think). Yashaa also came to "supervise" on his n00b WHM.

Before we continue, a little bit of background is required on Sixe. Back on iRO, Sixe's character was known was "The Bunny Knight" because she would always wear a pair of bunny ears. She tends to be a bit n00bish too. Marzanna would probably find her a rival for the biggest LS nubcake crown.

Anyways! Getting back to the story, we ended up testing the waters with a few 'Dune bunnies. Needlees to say, Sixe-bunny lost the Bunny x Bunny fight.
Medic! Everyone gathers around Sixe while waiting for Alby who seemed to have disappeared somewhere. He likes to do that a lot.
Alby arrives to save the day. Alby's a pretty quiet little Taru, but deep down, I'm pretty sure he was all: "what the heck did you guys get up to?"
So ends our "Doonz" adventure. Not sure how much XP we all got. I don't think it was all that much...

Sunday, 28 November 2004

In the beginning...

It was end of September, 2004. After two years of adventuring in the world of Rune-Midgards, a controversial decision by the iRO Game Masters to permanently ban one of their mambers prompted the founding members of Shin Ravenloft to dissolve the guild and leave the game forever.With World of Warcraft still months away from an Australian release, Lunakitty, the leader of the Shin Ravenloft decided that the guild migrate to Final Fantasy XI's world of Vana'diel. She followed the footsteps of Alby, an ex-SR wizard who decided to migrate to FFXI a few months earlier.

Lunakitty along with a handful of Shin Ravenloft members: Lenor, Sixe, Lumialle, Asheroth, SirCyrus., Shin Jace (aka Jaceric), Killian Valentine (aka Yashaa), Lumpyy (for a short time), Dacheat and Dias Crimson (also for a short time), decided to make Leviathan Server their new home.

I wasn't there when the new linkshell was created. Lenor was still stuck in iRO on Turtle Island trying to get Assassin to lv 99.

Apparently had Lunakitty met up with Jaceric outside the grocery store in Southern San d'Oria with the intention to buy a linkshell. Gil must have been hard to come by at the time because Jaceric was surprised that Lunakitty had the money to purchase one.

The linkshell was purchased but there was another hurdle. For some reason the name "Shin Ravenloft" had already been taken.
So the two n00bs sat in front of the Linkshell NPC, trying to think of a new name. Eventually, it was decided to name the new linkshell ShadowRavenloft.

On November 28, 2004 all ties to iRO were officially broken. To commemorate the occasion, 1000 dead branches were released on Turtle Island wreaking havoc on unsuspecting lv 90+ players levelling in the area and apparently killing the GM who tried to clean up the mess afterwards.
And so began our life as n00bs...